Why Can’t Talib Kweli Read?

by Justin antitheist

On Aug 20, 2016, Talib Kweli tweeted “Here’s why MLK don’t condemn riots.” with a meme containing a MLK quote in which MLK condemns riots. As Godless Spellchecker noted a few days ago, Talib seems to have “catastrophic reading failures” (see the link below).

Both Lalo Dagach and myself reprimanded Talib for propagating this reckless and irresponsible tweet to his followers. Talib tweeted Lalo and got whipped. Talib tweeted me and got scolded.

I found out he was famous a week later (a few days ago). That would explain why I receive endless angry tweets from Talib’s followers.

As I show in my video, Talib accusses everyone of white supremacy, including Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz, Tarek Fateh, Ben Carson, neurosurgeons, and lots more.

Here’s my point – It’s reckless and irresponsible to try to legitimize rioting by claiming that Martin Luther King did not condemn rots. As I demonstrate in this video, Martin Luther King very clearly condemned riots up to his last speech one day before he died. Talib never corrected retracted his lies. The tweets are all still there (see the links below)

There is an excellent article by author Michael A. Sherlock about his little Twitter war with Talib, the link is in the description below I highly recommend it. Sherlock shows you how Talib thinks that criticism of a particular religion is racist. Islam is not a race and a religion is just a human-made construction. Someone please tell this moron how to think. So, yeah he’s one of those people who do not understand or acknowledge that Muslims are not a race, that criticisms of a religion is not racist and he’s one of those people who are fine with criticisms of other religions, but freak out over criticisms of Islam. Reading the article it becomes apparent that Talib is one of those people who get too emotional to think rationally and too angry to understand what he is reading. Just as he misunderstood Dr. King and got angry when we told him so, he misunderstands Sherlock’s tweets.

Then there’s a new article by Stephen Knight on the Godless Spellchecker blog, that detail a twitter argument between Talib and Maajid Nawaz in which Talib is just so ignorant, and between Talib and Stephen Knight. Apparently non Muslims are not allowed to criticize Islam. But, if you’re a Muslim, as is Maajid Nawaz, you still aren’t allowed to criticize Islam. But seriously folks, that ignorant and bigoted stuff that Talib tweeted at Maajid is shameful, but at least it’s so ignorant its funny.

See the links below.

I am going to make a prediction. I predict that Talib Kweli will make the news more and more for his ignorance and mean-spirited nature. He’s going to freak out, inflate, blow up publicly and be deflated. He’s going to get worse, the media will make a story out of it, he’ll react to that and get worse still and he’s going to shoot himself in the foot and do something so stupid, it will end his career. So Tabatha, how shall we end this video?


Talib Kweli Greene @TalibKweli

Here’s why MLK don’t condemn riots. I’m anti violent like MLK

11:26 PM – 20 Aug 2016

Lalo Dagach ‏@LaloDagach

Lalo Dagach Retweeted Lalo Dagach

Yes he does. This is from the exact same speech you quoted. You’re pathetically ignorant. @TalibKweli

11:37 PM – 20 Aug 2016

Lalo Dagach ‏@LaloDagach

If I’m wrong about this quote @TalibKweli, you’re welcome to look it up and call me wrong. Let’s see if you got the balls.

11:42 PM – 20 Aug 2016

(In the above tweet, Lalo is referring to a quote he tweeted on 5:41 PM – 14 Aug 2016 which included a MLK quote; “”I’ve been searching for a long time for an alternative to #riots & I think that is found in militant massive non-violence.” -MLK #Milwaukee “ https://twitter.com/LaloDagach/status/764985268344655872 )

Lalo Dagach ‏@LaloDagach

You obviously never read that whole MLK speech. I doubt you’ve ever read anything. @TalibKweli

11:39 PM – 20 Aug 2016

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@TalibKweli Only a person with poor reading skills and/or low intelligence would misinterpret Dr. King’s message as advocating riots, fool.

10:56 AM – 21 Aug 2016

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@TalibKweli You should have written “doesn’t” rather than “don’t”. Become more literate, please.

10:57 AM – 21 Aug 2016

Talib Kweli Greene @TalibKweli

U are right. Why are u so stupid? King said he couldn’t condemn. That’s not an advocation of https://twitter.com/Damian_Case/status/767420115566469121

10:58 AM – 21 Aug 2016

(Talib & fans arguing with me)

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@TalibKweli You can’t read. He said he condemns it. YOU posted it. Why didn’t you actually READ it first?

11:19 AM – 21 Aug 2016

(Talib & fans arguing with me)

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@plantmanvegan1 @TalibKweli You have a very poor grasp of the English language.

11:20 AM – 21 Aug 2016

(Talib & fans arguing with me)

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@TalibKweli Are you getting it yet?

11:34 AM – 21 Aug 2016

(Talib’s fans arguing with me)

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@TalibKweli “It is not enough for me to X” means that he does X. Get it yet?

11:39 AM – 21 Aug 2016

(Talib’s fans arguing with me)

@plantmanvegan1 @goosegill @TalibKweli When he says it is not enough for him to condemn the riots that means he condemns riots.

(Talib’s fans arguing with me)

Damian Case ‏@Damian_Case

@TalibKweli “it is not enough for me to stand before you and condemn the riots” means that he condemns the riots. Get it yet?

12:48 PM – 23 Aug 2016

Talib Kweli Greene ‏@TalibKweli

Talib Kweli Greene Retweeted Lalo Dagach

When White Fragility Affects Rappers. Now applied also to @lalodagach https://medium.com/cuepoint/when-white-fragility-affects-rappers-d912e4ba0d8f#.ie1moklmm

4:08 PM – 24 Aug 2016

Lalo Dagach ‏@LaloDagach

.@TalibKweli Bigotry is all you got little man.

4:12 PM – 24 Aug 2016


Hicks, W. (2016, August 24). Heatstreet. Rapper Talib Kweli Believes Almost Everyone Is a White Supremacist. Retrieved August 27, 2016, from https://heatst.com/culture-wars/rapper-talib-kweli-believes-almost-everyone-is-a-white-supremacist/

Knight, S. (2016, July 20). Godless Spellchecker’s Blog | Home of Stephen Knight and The #GSPodcast. Maajid Nawaz V Talib Kweli. Retrieved August 27, 2016, from http://www.gspellchecker.com/2016/08/maajid-nawaz-v-talib-kweli/

Mason, J. (2016, August 24). Liberal America. Talib Kweli And The Trump Effect: Why Polarization Is Dangerous! (VIDEO). Retrieved August 25, 2016, from http://www.liberalamerica.org/2016/08/24/talib-kweli-trump-effect-polarization-dangerous-video/


Talib Kweli Flips Out On Don Lemon Over CNN’s Ferguson Coverage



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